During the past weeks we have all experienced dramatic changes to our lives, caused by the spread of COVID-19. It has affected us in our businesses and in our homes. It is when unprecedented events such as this happen that the NEXUS community comes together, showing a common bond to support each other and those around us. Here, we share the idea behind the N! United initiative and some of the humanitarian actions taken by our partners around the world.

N! United was devised by the NEXUS management team and is actively supported by the Brand and Communication department, together with the help of other N! colleagues.

It came about because having learned from events in China, NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe felt the organisation could not standby without responding as the virus then took hold in Europe.

Gael explained: “We were already deeply concerned about the spread of the virus in China. We were receiving information from our Asian colleagues and felt powerless in front of what was going on there.

“At the same time, we took precautions to guarantee the best safe and healthy environment for our colleagues around the world, as well maintaining a solid business approach and support for all our partners.

In Europe nobody was really conscious of the destructive effect of the virus and we started to really ‘feel’ it when we saw what was happening in Italy.

“We went ahead with N!BF 2020 because we truly believed that with the right precautions we were still able to guarantee successful business opportunities for our aftermarket community.

“That proved to be the case and, so far as we know, not one of the 400 participants were affected by Coronavirus during the week in Amsterdam.

From this experience in particular, we understood that taking precautionary measures is essential and many countries around the world are not fully prepared and equipped to avoid the virus contamination.

“For that reason, we decided to launch the N! United initiative, to help the most affected countries to provide surgical masks in hospitals to avoid the spread of the virus among the doctors, nurses and medical staff who every day are putting themselves at risk to help those with COVID-19.

How is N! United working? 

“Anybody can make the difference in this moment. The difficulty is to find the mask, the right model, find a supplier able to ship in to contaminated countries and deal with national laws that are changing every day. 

“Thanks to the great help of our N! Sourcing Office we managed to find the right solutions to be able to deliver quickly these highly needed masks.

“The N! Community immediately showed its support. The first action took place in Italy, as one of the most affected countries in Europe. With the help of NEXUS Automotive Italia and N! Supplier Brembo we were able to find all the information needed to support the hospital in Bergamo and provide 20.000 surgical masks.

“The delivery will arrive at the beginning of the week and we have already started to process a new order of 20,000 masks to be donated at hospitals in Barcelona and Madrid. This time with the help of N! Member IDAP and N! Suppliers Fare and Ufi Filters.

“Support comes from any direction of the N! Community. We received generous commitment from the internal NEXUS team but also from our partners NEXUS Automotive Brazil, who we warmly thank for their kindness. 

“Working on N! United, we were positively surprised to discover other initiatives by our partners.”

Below, are just a few examples of the actions and stories received from the N! community. 

  • N! Member NEXUS Automotive Ukraine, led by ASG, redirected its production of car carpets and working uniforms to the manufacture of protective clothing and surgical masks
  • Schaeffler Group has donated one million euros to Red Cross for the fight against COVID-19
  • German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY is not reacting to the crisis with short-time work or layoffs, but is instead paying a ‘Coronavirus consolation bonus’ of 1,000 euros to each employee
  • Bosch developed, in just six weeks, a rapid test to detect a SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus infection in patients in under two-and-a-half hours. The test for COVID-19 can help medical facilities make fast diagnoses and play a part in containing the pandemic
  • N! Member NEXUS Automotive Central Europe is currently committed to a donation of masks in the Eastern European regions. 
  • SKF is supporting local charities, healthcare workers and hospitals by for instance 3-D printing important components and protective equipment.

We would like to highlight further initiatives by our partners. Please email your story or information to the NEXUS Brand and Communication department, to: luna.paciucci@nexusautomotive.eu.

For more information about the N! United initiative, contact us at: nexusunited@nexusautomotive.eu