This week we met Jonathan Saint-Genis, Head of the Parts Research Department at Bakelit, a company specialising in spare parts for vintage cars.

Jonathan Saint-Genis, Head of the Parts Research Department at Bakelit

Can you tell us about Bakelit and its business?

Bakelit is a brand owned by Renovatio automotive, a start-up that was created in 2018. It is a marketplace specialising in the search and sale of parts for vintage vehicles produced before the 2000s, both oldtimers and youngtimers. Several activities are developed :

  • A parts search service oriented towards garages and professionals. We propose to garages and distributors to contact us as soon as they have a need for oldtimer parts, so that we can take care of the search for these thanks to our network of more than 170 specialised suppliers.
  • An online shop where customers can place their orders independently.

We work with professionals in the sector as well as with federations, clubs and passionate collectors.

Your catalogue contains more than one million references, does this offer allow you to meet all your customers’ needs?

During the first sales, we quickly realised that many customers were contacting us directly because they were looking for a part that was no longer available or could not be found on the market. That’s why we developed a new customised parts search service for which I am responsible. I receive many calls from people who have a strong history with their old cars and are saddened that they can’t drive them. My mission is to provide them with a solution by supplying them with the necessary part. I provide an answer to these customers who are sometimes stuck for months or years without being able to enjoy their vehicles. This service is particularly appreciated by garages because it saves time. It allows them to concentrate on fitting parts rather than on long and tedious searches. We work with more than 170 partners who can provide us with increasingly rare parts depending on the type of vehicle. We also have access to exclusive old stocks, as well as the possibility of having parts reproduced identically.

Finally, what is your current news?

You can come and meet us at many national and international shows throughout the year. The latest one was “Rétromobile” in Paris from the first of february to the fifth, one of the most important shows of the year. These events are essential for us to stay close to our customers.

Moreover, with the expansion of our company’s activity, we have had to recruit in various fields: marketing, communication and data management.

Finally, we have been working for a few weeks on a new mascot project. It is a 2000 Ford Taunus Break RS, “Hot wheels” type, electric blue colour, renamed “Blue Danger”. Initially, it will be used for commercial journeys, with stickers from our partner brands. Given its configuration, it will attract the eye on the roads and arouse the curiosity of the professionals we meet.

We also use it to create content on our social networks (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Tiktok). Episodes are posted regularly to follow her daily adventures. We really want to share content with our community and interact with them through this mascot. She will also be present on our upcoming shows.

We invite you to come and follow us on our social networks to not miss anything!

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