The new EV Academy is a joint venture of the Dutch automotive parts supplier NRF and the Polish EV franchise chain EV Repair. The goal of the EV Academy is to train mechanics to work with EVs across Europe. Mechanics and workshops can choose out of 4 training levels, from basic to expert. The training program covers all EV brands and all aspects, including software.

EV Academy launches its EV training program November 22 at the Automotive Campus in the Netherlands. The 2-day launch event includes EV training for mechanics, a training for parts distributors and a press conference. The Automotive Campus is the perfect location, because it includes workshops, meeting rooms and testing facilities.

Bartosz Jezioranski, EV Repair: ‘In our EV Repair organization we have been training franchisees to work on EV’s for years. Via the EV Academy we want to scale our knowledge European wide.’   

Ben Meek, NRF: ‘NRF is the prime European EV Parts aftermarket supplier. Partnering up with EV Repair to launch the EV Academy fits to that ambition to support the transition of the aftermarket for electrified powertrains.’