The Disconnect Clutch in Hybrid Vehicles

The Disconnect Clutch in Hybrid Vehicles

Double clutch transmissions for increased dynamics and decreased emissions

By introducing double clutch transmissions for a broad range of vehicles, it has been possible to increase driving dynamics and comfort within the last ten years. Moreover, this clutch technology helped to make great strides in the efficiency of modern vehicles. In order to further reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions and achieve future limiting values, however, it will be necessary to slash fuel consumption levels even more

Double clutches in hybridization

A key concept for this is P2 hybridization combined with a double clutch transmission. In P2 hybridization, a powerful electric engine is installed (coaxially or even axially parallel) between the combustion engine and the transmission. In addition, an automated “Disconnect Clutch” is needed so that the electric engine can also be used independently of the combustion engine for pure electric driving. Further components, such as the dual-mass flywheel or gearbox are similar to the traditional set-up within a vehicle with a combustion engine only.

Schaeffler: Strong in series production and spare parts market

Given its potential, Schaeffler has accompanied the technological development since its very early stages. That´s why today, Schaeffler offers a wide portfolio of components to series production. Also for vehicle repair, the Aftermarket division of Schaeffler just recently launched applications of the disconnect clutch for first Hyundai vehicles. The solution comes as a complete repair set (article 623 3787 09) for the independent aftermarket.