NRF shows their sustainable approach at all levels of the organization

NRF shows their sustainable approach at all levels of the organization

Sustainability is a very broad and very important topic nowadays. The same applies to NRF. At NRF we try to apply a sustainable approach throughout the organization. From making our production process more efficient to waste management. And from custom product packaging to local distribution. NRF is even ISO14001 certified. ISO14001 is the international standard for an effective environmental management system (EMS).

Quality, Safety and Environment Manager

Efficiency in production processes

NRF produces engine cooling and air conditioning aftermarket parts. In total NRF has a range of 9000 parts. NRF has own production facilities in the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. In these countries, NRF succeeds to make the production process as efficient as possible. The production machines only run when they are in use. This reduces for example the time when the furnace is used. This furnace is used to braze the fins and tubes of our coolers.

Waste management

NRF also applies waste management per used material. As a result, there are separate waste streams for aluminium, copper and cardboard. Almost no plastic is used in the packaging and production process.

ISO14001 certification

ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system (EMS). NRF is ISO14001:2015 certified. With this certification, NRF proves that they control the direct and long-term environmental impact of their production processes and services.


Adapt the packaging to the product

NRF parts are packed in boxes that match the size of the product. This significantly saves the use of cardboard. It also saves a lot of space during transport.

In addition, the boxes themselves are made from standard brown cardboard and not printed. Another eco-friendly saving.

Reduce transport through local distribution

NRF has 8 warehouses, which are strategically located. This significantly reduces the transport movements to the customer.

High quality – Low warranty

NRF is known for their high product quality. Because of this high quality, NRF has a very low percentage of returns. This results in fewer transport movements for returns.

Sharing technical knowledge

The technical support offered by NRF is unique in the aftermarket. Mechanics can call NRF TECHSupport directly if they have questions about installing the NRF part.

NRF also offers more than 500 technical training courses per year, both online and on location. Because of these training, mechanics are better trained in the correct installation of engine cooling and air conditioning parts. This prevents again many returns.

Product range for the future

NRF offers the largest aftermarket range for electrical and hybrid vehicles. Furthermore, the NRF offer also consists of EGR coolers, which are designed for the latest emission regulations. NRF adapts their offer to the (future) changes in the market.

All these examples show that NRF is consciously working on a more sustainable approach of the organization. Good results have already been achieved and the implementation of improvements has a constant focus.

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