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In 2018, McKinsey published a report on aftermarket megatrends and looked forward to the digitalization of the aftermarket. Here, Christophe Riberolle, CEO of, reflects on that report provides an update on the success of ‘marketparts’.

“With the digitalization of the aftermarket, customers are more informed than ever, especially in price transparency and online sales.”
These behaviours pushed distributors to create their own e-commerce platform and to look towards B2B platforms for more opportunities. What is the position for

Distributors are on to offer their products to buyers all around the world, in just a few clicks. It is a brand new selling channel for them. After uploading their catalogue, they can be contacted by potential buyers. Stock level information can be provided as an availability time in weeks. Together with the price information, it is a good basis to start dealing with an interested buyer. Basically, allows distributors to address markets whether domestic or remote. It directly helps them developing their business.

Big data and customers’ behaviour – what is the strategy for
Thanks to increasing activity in the marketplace, can analyse users’ behaviour and know exactly what people want. Market Intelligence is at the core of our strategy and we will soon offer data services. It will allow manufacturers to analyse, for example, the selling prices for their product, selling prices for competitor products, top 100 products searched by their brands, top 100 products searched for competitor brands etc… and all figures are defined by geographical areas. That information is extremely valuable for them to have a better understanding of the market.

Where will focus its strategy in the coming months? will continue to work on new users’ acquisition among both distributors and manufacturers, offering them services that are adapted to their needs.
Customer retention will also be one of our core activities. We are really intent on creating a long-term relationship with our early adopters.

What was the effect of COVID-19 on, both in terms of business and development?

The platform has been created to stimulate business among car parts distributors. Many distributors joined during the first lockdown. They needed a new distribution channel allowing them to preserve their business remotely. There are currently more than 1,500 users on the platform.
Other good news is that manufacturers find great interest in our platform, thanks to new services we are offering: Market Intelligence, Benchmarking, Promotional Actions, etc. Already 28 of them have signed with for 2021.
Furthermore, the number of offers on the marketplace in 2020 experienced a strong increase from 3 million in March to 10 million targeted by the end of the year.