Greener and healthier mobility solutions by Valeo

Valeo is a world leader in the reduction of CO2 emissions

In 2019, 57% of Valeo’s sales were already generated by technologies that help to reduce CO2 emissions. Today, one in three vehicles worldwide is fitted with Valeo technology that helps to reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, Valeo constantly continues to expand its portfolio of technologies that contribute to low-carbon mobility. Over the past ten years, Valeo has invested more than 10 billion euros in technologies that reduce CO2 emissions.

By 2030, Valeo’s emissions will have decreased by 45% across its entire value chain – including emissions from its suppliers, its own operating activities and the end use of its products – compared with 2019.

By 2050, Valeo will have achieved carbon neutrality for all of its own operating activities and across its entire supply chain worldwide and will be 100% carbon neutral (including the end use of its products) in Europe.

Valeo provides Greener Mobility solutions

Being green is already a reality today: Valeo has emerged as the world number one in 48V electric motors, a cost-effective electrification technology  that will account for 30% of the global automotive market by 2030. This 48V technology makes electric mobility more affordable: Greener Mobility will be accessible to all.

On the Aftermarket, Valeo’s offer includes as well the Valeo StARS and Valeo i-StARS starter-alternators and Valeo ReStart, a reinforced starter. Valeo is the  only supplier to offer Stop-Start technologies for the aftermarket. The 48V technology will be introduced soon on the Aftermarket (Q2 2021).

Valeo disinfects the vehicle cabin and protects passengers   

Protecting the driver and its passengers from viruses and bacterias, becomes an  increasingly important concern. For the disinfection of the vehicle cabin, Valeo  offers ClimSprayTM. This affordable and easy  to use automatic spray, eliminates viruses (including Coronaviruses), bacteria and  fungi in only 15 minutes.

For the purification of the air conditioning system, which often concentrates  contaminants and bacteria, mechanics can use Valeo ClimPurTM, the quick and powerful solution to be sprayed when changing the Cabin Air Filter. 

The efficiency of Valeo ClimSprayTMand  ClimPurTM is proven and has been certified by an independent laboratory in May and July 2020, especially against Coronaviruses.

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