Connecting with the Classic Car world

Connecting with the Classic Car world

NEXUS Automotive International, in collaboration with Renovatio and Bakelit, has joined one of the oldest and most prestigious classic car racing events: TOUR AUTO. From Monday 31st August to Saturday 5th September, the spectacular and well prepared Lancia Fulvia is being driven by Victor Fernandez and co-piloted by N! CEO Gael Escribe, crossing France in a 2,000km rally from the Grand Palais in Paris to the Paul Ricard Circuit in Le Castellet.

The tour provides the opportunity to connect with the classic car world, as the Lancia Fulvia has been entirely renovated with OE and OE matching quality parts, with a special thanks to N! Suppliers Bosch, Clas, Mecafilter, Mintex, Motul, Osram and SKF for their support in the preparation of the car.
Here are some questions to the team.

Gael Escribe – CEO, NEXUS Automotive International and Tour Auto 2020 Co-Pilot

Gael Escribe

Why has NEXUS chosen to join the rally?

Nexus is a growth accelerator for progressive companies in the automotive aftermarket and the Classic Car industry is a domain with lots of potential for our partners and suppliers. This is why we have promoted the foundation of Renovatio / Bakelit and why we are starting to become active in this segment of the aftermarket, which has generally been neglected by our partners.

What is NEXUS’ view on the classic car business?

It is definitely a business opportunity, which has not received the right attention of the leaders of the automotive aftermarket over the past years. This is why we are trying to involve the ‘best in class’ of the industry in taking on this challenge.

Tell us about your passion for classic cars

I have been driving Classic Cars for 30 years, almost on a daily basis. Being an automotive aftermarket activist, I cannot  literally drive new cars… I am born to drive used cars… and nothing better than Classic Cars in this case.

Benjamin Abitbol – CEO, Renovatio and Bakelit

Benjamin Abitbol

What is the main interest for OE manufacturers to invest in this sector?

Actually, there are 2 combined reason. First of all, we have seen a steady appetite for classic cars in recent years, promoted through multiple events, shows, road trips and so on. As a matter of fact, the classic car spare parts market is estimated to be worth €12 billion per year, with a 15% growth rate per year. We are talking about more than 13 million vehicles in Europe.

The second reason is about history. From the beginning of the automotive industry, OE manufacturers have always designed and produced the original parts for all cars, this is their history, their DNA. Thanks to these growing volumes, the market is now ready for a true offer, made of quality spare parts and great services.

As a result, it is making sense for many of the OE suppliers to make a comeback in this sector, with specific Classic ranges, in vintage packaging, respecting the original fitting and specifications.

Victor Fernandez – BRS France founder and Tour Auto 2020 Pilot

Victor Fernandez

Victor runs a car body repair business and owns several garages in France. He is regularly consulted by car manufacturers to alleviate occasional production problems for new vehicles or to reorganize internal bodywork services. In 2014, together with Christophe Quey, he founded BRS FRANCE the largest bodyshop expert in the central France area.

In 2018, he created BRS RACING TEAM, merging his work with his greatest passion:  car racing. Victor has been a professional driver since he was 25 years old. He stands out in international cup and endurance races.

What are your expectations of the tour auto 2020?

This is the first time I will have participated in the TOUR AUTO, and also the first time that I will have been in a classic rally as pilot. This is the perfect occasion to try a new discipline and start a new experience. I am very excited to be taking part in the tour and to be joining Gael Escribe.