A game-changer for garage workshops

A game-changer for garage workshops

In this, the third in our series on digitalisation in the aftermarket, we look at the new digital touchpoints with the customer, manufacturer innovations and the challenge facing independent garages.

New digital touchpoints

Just a few years ago, a driver wishing to maintain or repair his vehicle would need to contact several garages before making a choice. This has changed with digitalization. Today, drivers can check prices and services at a glance on the web, thanks to intermediation digital platforms.

But the impact of digitalization on the automotive aftermarket has gone way beyond just scheduling a garage appointment;  it has completely modified the touchpoints between drivers and repairers.

Like the vast majority of businesses, garages have had to adapt to consumers’ changing behaviour, and so they now offer online services to make requesting the maintenance and repair quotation, the booking, the acquisition of a vehicle new or used so much easier.

Many garage owners use e-mailing or mobile app to push notifications to their clients to keep them informed about the vehicle repair status.

The most advanced authorised dealers can offer a full digital check-in / check-out experience to their customers through a mobile app.

But the digitization of the automotive aftermarket has gone much further; new technologies are reinventing the vehicle and its equipment.

Digitalization – key to automotive revolution

The digital revolution has enabled car manufacturers to design various innovative technologies. This with the aim of always improving the cars and making the daily life of drivers and passengers easier.

Digital is everywhere in the 4 automotive revolutions our market is facing today :

Electromobility: the electric car parc is growing fast (especially in western Europe), with most car manufacturers’ new models equipped with an electric engine instead of an ICE (internal-combustion Engine)

Connected Car: Most consumers already drive a  ‘connected car’ and perform connected activities while they drive. New in-car services are pushed to the driver through these built-in interfaces, and remote diagnostics and repairs will be basic services in decades.

Autonomous car: All new vehicles embed cruise control and several other driver assistance systems. This is new technology and systems that have to be checked and repaired frequently.

New car usage: Carpooling, ride sharing, hailing, will definitely change the principle of car ownership and impact strongly on the way people get around cities.

All these 4 revolution pillars will have a major impact on the daily operation and services executed into independent workshops. Global digital services and support providers will be the key partners for providing a complete in-workshop digital journey.

The digital challenge for independent garages

Providing a complete digital customer experience is a huge challenge for independent garages. They combine into their small businesses plenty of microservices they need to digitalize in order to fit with new customers’ expectation and new vehicle technology complexity.

Connecting multiple existing digital services solutions, discerning the evolution of technology, and building a system capable of ongoing business growth looks a complex challenge to achieve.

NEXUS’ garages community will embrace fully this challenge in the coming months thanks a strategic project named ‘Garage digital platform’, it will be the first and complete cloud-native aftermarket operating platform.

A garage platform seamlessly connecting an entire business, enabling the providing of a best-in-class driver experience and significantly improving how they work with suppliers. A game-changer that will give independent garages, our garage members, an edge to work with more efficiency and provide the best driver’s experiences while saving money and improving customer loyalty.

In 2021 we will significantly increase our garage concepts and its digital package with the aim of supporting all our global members and their garages to fit with the market digitization.

Our community size and multiple culture will be the key elements to develop the best-in-market and sustainable digital solution.