The aim of NEXUS is to take leadership, inspire and educate the Automotive Aftermarket for a more sustainable future.
Sustainability – “acting green” – is becoming a Key Strategic Priority, accelerated by increasing expectations from stakeholders such as consumers, governments, business partners and investors.
The industry can no longer ignore the fact, and we need to step up to the challenges we face.

The NEXUS policy for ‘Corporate Social Sustainability (CSR)’ is based on the 3 P’s concept – Planet, People, Profit – also called “triple bottom line”.

A company needs to be profitable to stay in the business long-term, but the relations to our stakeholders (whether it’s employees or outside community) and the impact on the environment shall be considered in all decision making and actions taken.

What are the actions taken in place at a corporate level?

With the NEXUS CSR policy as blueprint, we have defined the path we need to take, and how we can measure the progress.

We have set Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) with ambitious targets for actions items – under all three P’s (Planet, People, Profit) – where the N! Team shall try improve.

For ‘Planet’ it is worth highlighting that in 2021 we aim reduce travel/CO2 emissions with -20% versus 2019 (pre-Covid), and -30% in 2022. The
N! Team are urged to use ecological transport modes, and home-office (1-2 days per week) will reduce long commutes by car. The CO2 impact
will also be assessed for events, with the target to reduce our carbon footprint. We will move to a more “green digital office” with focus on measured initiatives such as recycling, using digital signatures instead of shipping documents, being lean with electricity consuming large attachments to e-mails etc. Each Nexus office has a poster on the wall
reminding employees – and hopefully inspiring visitors! – of the main sustainability objectives.

We have great existing platforms where we can deploy sustainability initiatives; N! United for charity, and N! Academy where we can teach
sustainability topics. There will be a dedicated section on N! Connect where we can share material on sustainability, bringing knowledge to the
community. The Strategic Committee of NEXUS have dedicated working groups analysing potential strategic sustainability initiatives for the future. NEXUS Management are also reaching out to other industry organizations to make common progress for the industry. The last two meetings of the
NEXUS Prospective Council have focused solely on sustainability.

What is the strategic plan? And how NEXUS will involve its community?

We have a great potential to make a significant impact due to the large size of the N! community, with members present in all corners of the world.

Our strategy is start from the inside – the N! Team is expected to set a best-in-class benchmark, and inspire others to follow – and roll-out initiatives to
the whole community. We will use our tools, platforms and human relationships to work on solutions that can bring value to the whole community.

As an overall ambition, we would like to standardize and support one overall sustainable approach in the industry. We shall work with other partners on e.g. the definition of a “green spare part”.

Everything start from education; we all need to understand why we need to change our behaviour, and we need to acquire the knowledge to be ready
for the changing future. We shall share knowledge and examples of best-in-class sustainability examples within the community.

Nexus want to stimulate business initiatives in a new green ecosystem. Sustainability initiatives can turn challenges into profitable business opportunities, and we want our whole community to benefit.

Working together will make a difference. Remember; whether improvements are small or large, they all contribute to progress.
A greener N! Team, a greener N! Community, a greener world. Let’s do this together!