Sustainable success: OSRAM establishes itself in the green sector

Sustainable success: OSRAM establishes itself in the green sector

OSRAM intends to become completely CO2-neutral within the next ten years. Since 2019, the high-tech company has been consistently reducing its carbon dioxide emissions and thus contributing to achieving the Paris Climate Protection Agreement. For the second year in a row, OSRAM is listed among the top 25 of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies in the Corporate Knight Ranking. In the automotive aftermarket, the sustainability approach is also being driven forward, especially by the steadily growing LED portfolio.

Climate protection and the reduction of climate-damaging emissions are global challenges. OSRAM recognizes its responsibility as a manufacturing company and is committed to making a contribution to mitigating climate change. In order to consistently reduce its own CO2 balance sheet, the company is increasing its focus on energy efficiency both in its own production and at its administrative and development sites with the goal of becoming CO2-neutral in 2030. In doing so, the company is playing its part in implementing the agreement of the Paris Climate Protection Convention of 2015 and limiting global warming to well below two degrees Celsius compared with pre-industrial levels. In concrete terms, the aim now is to save energy and increase energy efficiency in all areas of production and administration. The consistent use of renewable energies also plays a decisive role. OSRAM already achieves a top position among the world´s most sustainable companies. According to Corporate Knights’ ranking of the 100 most sustainable companies worldwide, OSRAM is ranked number one in Germany. “We are delighted about the renewed recognition of our efforts in the area of sustainability and are proud that the jury recognized our constant commitment,” says OSRAM CFO Kathrin Dahnke. “We are convinced that economic success is closely coupled with good sustainability work in the long term.”

Leading the way to sustainability in the automotive industry: OSRAM brings the first LED retrofit lamp to German roads

OSRAM also pursues the goal of sustainability in the automotive sector and hence, strongly focuses on the expansion of its portfolio of LED replacement lamps. Regarding sustainability, the new Night Breaker LED offers significant advantages: up to five times longer service life compared to halogen lamps. Consequently, it has to be replaced less often and also consumes less energy. Further advantages are the very white light similar to daylight (colour temperature 6,000 Kelvin), up to 220% more brightness compared to the minimum legal standard (ECE R112) and additional 50 % less glare. Due to the LED technology, the lamp creates strong contrasts and a long range.

With the Night Breaker LED, OSRAM is the first manufacturer to offer a street-legal LED-based automotive retrofit lamp for the German market. This development is an absolute novelty, as the Night Breaker H7-LED is the first LED retrofit lamp to pass the rigorous test procedures of TÜV Süd. “Road approval is an important step towards which we have been working for years. With our LED lamps, drivers can legally, easily and inexpensively convert their halogen lighting to the latest technology”, says Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO of OSRAM Automotive. Through extensive photometric measurements, OSRAM was able to demonstrate that the majority of vehicles fitted with the Night Breaker H7-LED comply with ECE R112 glare values or could be made 100% glare-free with minimal adjustments. This was verified by the German Federal Office for Motor Vehicles, prompting the German Federal Motor Transport Authority to grant road approval status – making it a legal replacement for H7 halogen lamps in tested vehicle models. Workshops benefit from the Night Breaker LED as well. They can offer their customers the first legal LED retrofit lamp and all the advantages of LED technology. And this at a significantly lower price than a full LED headlight would cost.

OSRAM’s LED lighting is based on the highest level of technological know-how. In order to ensure that research can be carried out in close alignment with the production steps, OSRAM has founded an LED competence center in Treviso, Italy, which unites an R&D center and a production line under one roof. In Treviso, OSRAM LED replacement lamps are developed with a strong focus on the needs of our customers and also meet the highest quality standards as they undergo 38 controls before they are sold.

All in all, OSRAM’s entire aftermarket portfolio is closely aligned to the sustainability approach of the whole company. OSRAM is committed to making its sustainability activities transparent, and therefore, publishes a detailed sustainability report every year. If you want to find out more about OSRAM’s initiatives around sustainability, you can find the report at