New products for electric drives

Dr. Michael Harenbrock, Senior Expert Engineering Electric Mobility at MANN+HUMMEL in Ludwigsburg., identifies technological trends, analyzes market developments and from this derives projects for new products for electric drives and fuel cell systems.

Electric mobility is important to me. It’s more than just a job. I am personally convinced that the electrification of the drive train, in the form of a hybrid or electric vehicle, will play an important role in individual and public transport to reduce traffic-related emissions.  MANN+HUMMEL is well prepared to match our claim being “Leader in Filtration” in this area as well.

The concept of clean mobility is an inspiration for us. We want to ensure that mobility has the least possible impact on the environment and our health. Therefore in addition to new innovative products such as the fine dust eater, the brake dust particle filter and the FreciousSmart cabin air filter, we are also developing solutions for locally emission-free drive trains.

Those who wish to introduce electric mobility to the market have to commit themselves for the long term. As a long distance runner I am familiar with this. I am not giving up easily, even if there is a strong headwind. You have to be tough. Electric mobility is not suited to sprinters and fair weather joggers, but is rather a long-term project. This requires stamina.

In the meantime we have noticed that our efforts are starting to bear fruit and our stamina begins to pay off. Now we face less headwind. From information available in the press and also as a result of discussions with our customers, we see that the wind is turning more and more in favor of electric mobility with all its facets – from 48V Hybrids to Battery Electric Vehicles. Companies such as Tesla which until a few years ago were laughed at have now put their cars on the road and are building the charging infrastructure necessary for electric mobility. Sweden has recently presented a prototype of the world’s first electrified road which is able to charge the batteries of electric vehicles while they are in motion. In China there is enormous interest in electric mobility which is partly driven by the severe pollution present in large Chinese cities and also partly due to the strategic considerations of the Chinese government which sees electric mobility as an opportunity to build up a strong domestic car industry. China now covers the complete supply chain for the production of electric vehicles, ranging from the raw materials for batteries and electric motors to the manufacture of electric cars and buses.

MANN+HUMMEL and electric mobility

For some time we have been considering the contributions MANN+HUMMEL can make towards electric mobility. Together with our customers we have determined that the number of possibilities for filter products in this sector is very large, including particle filter media to protect the battery and blower against harmful particles, stable filter media for liquid-cooling of the battery system, our air dryer products, and many more.

We can exploit our experience and expertise in the area of filtration and transfer this to electric mobility. Although we are in new territory, we are nevertheless well prepared to meet the new challenges. I am even convinced that we are the only company having in-depth expertise in all the different areas of filtration, no matter if it´s liquids, gases or air.

Electric mobility is a big challenge, but at the same time very promising. This area will enable us to actively participate in the growth and transformation of the MANN+HUMMEL company.